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Joint Press Statement: Sudan Celebrates the Historical Changes

The Private Office of Ambassador Saeed ZAKI

(Khartoum, Special Office): On behalf of the staff of the Private Office and the Saeed ZAKI Foundation for Development and Philanthropies (SZFDP) we are pleased extend to the Sudanese people, women and men, in Sudan and abroad our sincere congratulations, on the occasion of the signing of the historic agreement of the Transitional Authority, which underlined its initials, the born of the hope towards the achievement of people’s aspirations to a prosperous future. 

This historic day, as the country moves into a new era, with hope for younger generation and future leaders is undoubtedly a source of pride for all Sudanese, especially this distinguished generation, who is now on the forefront of the social scene.

As of today, the train of action and hope has just been launched towards a prosperous future in which everyone enjoys development dividends, well-being, happiness and decent living. In this regard, we stress the importance of focusing on strengthening and building the foundations of good governance due to its significant impact on long-term development plans.

In this regard, we call for launching and expanding programs and projects that focus on building the capacities of young people and enhancing their role in the community development. The activities and programmes of civic engagement for youth are essential to enable Sudanese young people to develop their skills and talents. Engaging youth in economic and social forums is one of the most important signs of positive change in our societies. Finally, we reiterate our continued support and contribution to the developmental and institutional reforms for the advancement of our beloved country.

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The Private Office of Ambassador Saeed ZAKI is a private institution dedicated to promoting innovation and the development of creative Sudanese youth and encouraging youth empowerment among youth in the Republic of Sudan through leadership development programs, initiatives and projects related to community service.

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