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I. Basics of E-Content Management (Course)
An overview of e-content, publishing platforms, web management systems. This course will show participants the best practices and latest approaches of planning the content creation, delivery and governance; as well as how to develop a strategy that helps achieve organizational goals by maximizing the impact of content.

II. Basics of Information Security (Course)
This course provides an overview of information security. It is designed to help participants with cyber security knowledge, understand this important priority in society today. The technical content of the course gives a broad overview of essential concepts and methods for providing and evaluating security in information systems. In addition to its technical content, the course touches on the importance of security management and administration, the place information security holds in overall business risk, social issues such as individual privacy, and the role of public policy.

III. The Basics of Internet Applications (Course)
The course focused on knowing various types of web applications using leading web environments, tools, servers, databases, and languages. As well, you'll learn the fundamentals of both traditional web deployment platforms as well as new emerging mobile platforms. also, participants will learn about leading-edge technologies such as social networking systems and semantic web applications.

IV. Protocol and Etiquette (Workshop)
This course covers the full range of conventions, rules, customs and expectations that professional communicators must master in order to interact professionally with VIPs and in high-level business. Participants will learn the written and unwritten rules of official protocol and business etiquette, as well as international cultural norms and variations.

V. Professional Personal Skills (Workshop)
The workshop will guide participants to understand the basics of interpersonal skills and ways to develop them. Participants will also be experiencing the power of good inter-personal skills through exciting role-plays, innovative activities and importance of verbal and non-verbal communication. Our approach will also help them to communicate effectively with people of different personalities and guide them to put their thoughts, actions, and words in an effective manner.

VI. Management Skills (Workshop)
This hands-on management training workshop teaches participants the foundational skills of communication, motivation, delegation and evaluation. participants learn to create a new employee orientation process for success. Participants learn goal-setting and performance management strategies to build healthy and productive teams.

VII. Media Reporter Professional Training Program
The Programme provided a creative springboard for young reporters, aspiring journalists. Each activity and conversation will be a catalyst to developing their own innovative ideas. Everyone’s potential will be highlighted and valued.

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