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Participation & Inter-Agencies Memberships
- Chairman, Inter-Agency Task force on SDGs, International Youth Federation (2017 - till now).
- Member, Executive Board, International Youth Federation (2017 - till now).
- Co-Founder, Sports249, Agency responsible for advocating for youth and sports in Sudan (2017 - till now).
- Founder, EBC Media & News agency responsible for raising the public awareness about women and youth issues in Sudan (2017 - till now).
- Youth Ambassador, Young Reporter and official representative of Sudan and Africa, International Olympic Committee “IOC” (2014 - till now).
- Chairman, Board of Directors, Skills National Group, (2014 -till now).
- Head, the Standing Committee of Department of Multimedia at College of  Communication  Sciences, Sudan  University of Sciences & Technology   ( 2012- 2013).
- Executive Director, Office of the Chairman, Skills National Group, Khartoum - Sudan (2011-2012).
- Assistant Academic Supervisor, Department of   Media, College of Higher Studies, Sudan University of Sciences & Technology (2011 - 2013).
- President, Association of Multimedia, Sudan University of Sciences & Technology (2010 - 2012).
- Speaker, Sudan Data Portal forum, Sudan Council of Ministers (March 2014).
- Press Director, The Round-table Conference of Micro-finance held by Central Bank of Sudan and SUST University (March 2014).
- Panel Speaker, Participated in discussing the Press law, the National Assembly, February 2014.
- Protocol Director, International Conference of Distance Learning Friendship Hall – Khartoum, January 2014.
- Member, the Higher Committee for Coordinating and Training Programs (CCTP) at Sudan University of Sciences & Technology (2014).
- Panel Speaker, Participated in Project “Creating Better Opportunities for Youth”, By AUW University & Australian Aid (2013).
- Participant, “Youth Employment Conference”, Ministry of Youth and Sport in collaboration with Khartoum state government, Hall of Friendship, Khartoum (2012).  
- Co-Founder, of the Media Centre at the College of Communication Sciences, (November 2011).   - Founder, Skills National Group, Khartoum - Sudan (2011).  
- Press Director, managing media and press operations during the President of Sudan to Gazira State (March 2010).  
- Participant, and best presentation in “Creating better Education in Sudan Project” by UNESCO, And Blue Nile TV (2005).

Professional Memberships
- Member, Young African Leaders Initiative, Department of State, USA (2015).
- Member, One Young World, United Kingdom (2015).
- Member, World Youth Alliance (2014).
- Member, International Association of Engineers (2015).  Member, International Internet Marketing Association (2015).
- Member, American Society of Projects Management Experts (2014).
- Young Reporter (YR), Media Operations, the International Olympic Committee (2014).
- Media Consultant, Deanship of Scientific Research, Sudan University of Science and Technology (2014).
- Media Consultant, College of Communication Science Media Center, Sudan University of Science and Technology (2014).
- Member, International Internet Society “ISOC” (2013).
- Associate Member, Sudanese Forum for Business Development (2014).
- Associate Member, Sudanese Olympic Committee (2014).
- Partner Direct, (Registered) DELL, United States (2011).
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