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His Excellency Ambassador Saeed ZAKI of Sudan (born on 14 December 1990) is a young leader, mentor, communication specialist, brand analyst, protocol and international relations expert and management strategist with advanced skills in communications, international relations, press and multimedia production with proven result based achievements through his civic engagement and career in international organizations, he is passionate about development, youth, innovation, peace, and security. Read the more via Wikipedia

H.E. Saeed has a solid understanding of the political and development contexts in the Arab States from professional work and research, and from living and working in challenging-context duty station. This experience has given him a great substantive knowledge of the region, its development dynamics, and cultures. and he is am extremely motivated to work on current development challenges in the region.

H.E. Saeed graduated with a first (honor) degree in communication science from Sudan University of Science and Technology.

Qualifications & Training
- Human Rights Responsibilities for Programme Staff, Human Rights Specialists and Advisors, the United Nations, March 2017.
- Legal Framework for Operations Staff, All Managers, Supervisors, The United Nations Development Programme, March 2017.
- Management of Strategies for People and Resources, Young African leaders Initiative, US Department of State, February 2016.
- Strategic Planning, HP E-Learning Center, CA - United States, Nov 2014.
- Young Reporter Training Course, International Olympic Committee Nanjing - China, August 2014.
- IT for Business Success Course, HP E-Learning Center, CA – United States, October 2014.
- Effective business websites Course, HP E-Learning Center, CA - United States, October 2014.
- Social Media Marketing Course, HP E-Learning Center, CA – United States, October 2014.
- The Olympic Movement Course, Sudanese Olympic Academy, March 2014.
- Training of Trainers (TOT) Course “The Certified Trainer”, the Australian Embassy - Khartoum, 2013.
- Ceremonies and Protocol Course, Sudan University of Science and Technology, January 2012.
- Strategic Planning Course, Sudan Council of Ministers, Khartoum - Sudan, 2010.
- Economy and   National Security   Course, Sudan   Council of Ministers, Khartoum, 2010.
- Strategic Media Course, National Council for Strategic Planning, Khartoum, 2010.
- International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Course, Ministry of Science and Communications – Cairo, Egypt, 2010.

Professional Experience
Through his professional career, Ambassador Saeed worked in many sectors, including the private sector, government, and academic institutions. he worked as:

Communications Specialist    |    United Nations Development Programme
2015 - Present
Managing digital communications for UNDP Sudan, design and promote UN/UNDP visibility through communication products and social media.

Secretary General    |    International Youth Federation
April 2016 - Present
The Secretary General is the second senior official after the President. Heading IYF's administration, the position of General Secretary is a key one on the Executive Board. My role is ensuring the smooth running of IYF’s operations worldwide.

National Media Consultant    |    United Nations
May - June 2015
Developing, creating, editing and finalizing Darfur Development Strategy (DDS) master document which brings 88.5 million USD to all UN entities in Sudan.

Senior Adviser, Advisory Board    |   College of Communication Science
November 2015 - Present
Provides timely support and advice to MC and key stakeholders on communications matters and ensures consistency in oral, written and presentation material produced throughout the agency.

Chairman, Advisory Board    |   College of Communication Science
October 2014 – October 2015
Lead/contribute to media projects within the context of a defined project plan and governance arrangements ensuring coordination between the center and external agencies and providing professional support in terms of communications and media advocacy.

Vice Manager   |    Media Center, College of Communication Science
June 2012 – June 2014
Managing digital communications for UNDP Sudan, design and promote UN/UNDP visibility through communication products and social media.

Media Associate   |    ESKIMI Inc.
Jan 2010 – Jan 2012
Assisting in digital communications for ESKIMI services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Write and edit various marketing materials and other collateral pieces as assigned, including web content, presentations, marketing & technical brochures, titles, slogans, business and marketing plans, Email, and Flyer messages, other stuff as needed.

Applied Skills
- People's Managment.                     - Office Management.         - Training Programs.
- Requirements Analysis.                 - Media Production.             - Information Security.
- Projects Management.                    - Projects Planning.             - Strategic Planning.
- Conference preparations.                - Multimedia.                      - Web Design/Develop.
- International relations.                    - Web Applications.            - New Media.
- Corporate Communication.

Extracurricular Activities
- Reading books.
- Swimming.
- Tennis.
- Gun shooting.

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