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National Initiatives

Ambassador Saeed ZAKI

Ambassador Saeed Zaki launched a number of national initiatives aimed at empowering young people and improving the national image of Sudan, includes:

Sudanese Entertainment & Broadcasting Network 
Republic of Sudan, a country with rich resources of civilizations and cultures. This great diversity represents a unique blend known as Sudanese culture. The Sudanese Entertainment & Broadcasting is a project launched in early 2017 under the auspices of the International Youth Federation to enlighten the world with the creativity and creativity of Sudanese youth.

The Network seeks to create an effective and meaningful communication bridge between young people and various relevant institutions inside and outside the country to promote and highlight youth issues by providing meaningful social entertainment content.

Team Sudan
Team Sudan is a wide national initiative to encourage creative Sudanese youth, sports teams, Sudanese Olympic delegations, and Sudanese inventors, the team seeks to enhance the spirit of national work and innovation and to create an honorable and effective image of the development work in the Sudan, through a number of projects and initiatives - A number of future initiatives are currently under way.

Skills National Group
Under the slogan "Empowering Youth for a Better Sudan", SKILLS National Group is an initiative, which has been launched by a number of media, research and public relations experts in the Republic of Sudan since 2012, aims to enhance the positive image and highlight the bright face of our country.

Sudan DevPoint Forum
Sudan DevPoint Forum, the first of its kind in Sudan, aims to hold a series of national dialogues and meetings involving all researchers, academics and those interested in development issues to reflect on the importance of foresight and innovation as a valuable addition to development planning for sustainable development and the future of development efforts in Sudan.

Sudan Olympic Society (SOC)
This initiative focuses on the creation of a community-based organization responsible for the dissemination of values, culture, and education for sport, supporting sports activities and promote promotion of physical activity in Sudan. The aim of the initiative is not only to improve the level of grassroots sports participation but also to provide the necessary support to aspiring athletes to enable them to compete successfully on the world stage in the future.

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