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Based on the Agenda 2030 also known as the Global Goals, we are setting out a supremely ambitious and transformational vision for the Republic of Sudan by 2030. We envisage a Sudan free of poverty, hunger, disease, and want, where all life can thrive. We envisage a country free of fear and violence. A world with universal literacy. A nation with equitable and universal access to quality education at all levels, to health care and social protection, where physical, mental and social well-being is assured. 

The Private Office was established by His Highness Ambassador Saeed ZAKI to directly invest in young generation, support potential innovation opportunities in the region which meets the Private Office agenda.

Core Values
  • Excellence: To be excellent requires us to perform at a level which exceeds expectation. This ethos is ingrained into the very fabric of our work. It is demonstrated in the quality of our advice, the level of our service and the commitment of our staff. It is reflected in the strength of our structure, and the regard of our peers.
  • Teamwork: We do not discriminate, we value and care about each other, operate with a generosity of spirit and have fun working together. We inspire, challenge and support each other to maximise our collective impact and succeed to our highest potential.
  • Integrity: Integrity forms the foundation of our relationships with each other. We are committed to being open and honest in all areas of our work, ensuring we are true to our word and responsible for our actions.

Corporate Strategy 
Our strategy targets young people where the Republic of Sudan has a distinctive and significant competitive advantage such as capacity building, technology, media, entertainment, and development activities.

Principles and Commitments
The Private Office's agenda is guided by the purposes and principles of "Mobilizing youth for better future", The Office’s mission is to celebrate innovative Sudanese youth, and encourage best practices among youth communities in Sudan. 
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