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The International Olympic Committee (IOC)
H.E. Saeed ZAKI, IOC

H.E. Saeed ZAKI Appointed as an Ambassador and representative of Sudan and Africa in the field of media after qualified at regional and international level by the International Olympic Committee among only 35 participants from all over the world and adopted to represent the Republic of Sudan and the African continent in the Youth Olympic Games, held in China from (12 to 28 August 2014).

1o5C Global campaign
Sudan Athletes advocate for Climate Change

H.E. Saeed was part of the team implemented the global climate change campaign called 1o5C launched by  The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) to gather more support to the global call to keep warming below 1.5°C. The campaign kickoff took place at the sidelines of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations in Bonn, the last preparatory meeting before the COP21 UN climate change conference in Paris this December.

Sudanese Athletes & Sustainable Development Goals

One the best advocacy campaigns Ambassador Saeed was able to execute is #Sport4SDGs which is advocacy campaign for the sustainable development goals, been implemented during Rio2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. The campaign got succeed with more than 500K+ social media reach. Read my blog about sport and sustainable development here.

International Youth Federation (IYF)
International Youth Federation (IYF)

I was one of the IYF founders. IYF was founded in 2014 to oversee international youth participations, empowering youth and encouraging their engagement among the national youth associations. Member countries must each also be engaged through the six world regions into which the world is divided: Africa, Asia, Europe, North & Central America and the Caribbean, Oceania and South America. As IYF Secretary General, today I am leading the executive team of the IYF, including five regional administrations (Middle East & North Africa, Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific, Americas & Caribbean) and Representatives in 21 countries, +100 staff working all over the world, advocating for youth empowerment.

Leading SDGs Advocacy in Sudan
Sudanese Youth advocate for Sustainable Development Goals

Through his work with the United Nations in Sudan, H.E. Saeed was responsible for all the outreach activities for promoting the UN values specifically the SDGs among youth through multi-level campaign the ns at national level in Sudan, and he has achieved wide outreach among youth through advocacy activities both online and offline.

Team Sudan and SKILLS National Group
H.E. Saeed in the Middle of His team

Through the SKILLS National Group, a national initiative for youth empowerment in Sudan, H.E. Saeed was been able to participate in many training and capacity building activities by the organization and presenting courses, seminars and workshops around diversity, sport for peace and corporate communication which targeted 3,200 youth in Khartoum - Sudan during (2013-2015).

Accreditation System 
Worked as the developer of the high-tech identification E-system, using security classification and category system and web applications for accrediting staff. Our expertise, experience and process understanding allows us to combine applications and platforms for unique solutions applied on Sudan University of Science and Technology (October 2010).

Digital Gate 
Digital Gate, Sudan University by H.E. Saeed ZAKI

Worked as head of developers team, designing and developing the first web portal launched For the first time, The team have combined all our knowledge, advice and guidance as the SUST’s leading experts into our easy to use information toolkit, which is packed with top tips, case studies, templates, how-to guides, and resources to help students and staff make the most of their work, applied at College of Communication Science in (January 2014).

Learning Resources Developing Center (LRDC) 

Learning Resources Developing Center (LRDC)

Worked as the founder and director of the Learning Center project development, which provides information and resources on learning curricula and associated software, which has been implemented at Sudan University of Science and Technology (December 2013).

Alumni Media Unit (AMU) 
Worked as the founder and director of the project and information unit of the graduates, which was implemented at Sudan University of Science and Technology (October 2013).

Academic E-Results System
A Teamwork leads by H.E. Saeed Develop E-Management System for academic results, and has been implemented for the first time in October 2013 at the College of Communication Sciences.

Interactive E-Community Project
A community project integrated E-community. H.E. Saeed worked as the main developer And also as a project manager at Sudan University of Science and Technology In August 2013.

As well as innovation projects and Plans Presented to Sudan Government, Included:
- Sudan medicine Fund project (2012).
- Majd Fund for Human Development project (2012).
- National Recycling Project (2011).
- Sudan Agricultural Investment Fund “SAIF “(2011).
- Sudan E-Government project (2010).
- National Food Preservation project (2010).

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