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Dream Team: Leading International Summit Experience

Amb. Saeed ZAKI in the middle of his staff

In early 2013, I had the opportunity to lead the organizing team of the second International Conference on Camel Research in Sudan. The preparations for the meeting started eight months in advance, and we start by preparing the team starting by selection, interviewing and then conducting professional training.

Amb. Saeed ZAKI in the middle of his staff

As Chief of Staff, I had many obstacles while trying to form the conference team from youth volunteers, because the majority of people in Sudan don’t value volunteer work. The problem that people consider volunteering as a waste of time and resources. They cannot conceive the fact that someone can work without remuneration or a salary, and I wanted to change that, to emphasize the value of voluntary work.

The team consists of 28 team members, divided into six main duties: protocol and security, programme secretariat, assets management, time management, registration and programme coordination.

In the conference, delegations from 11 countries have participated in the several sessions and discussions. The conference addressed by H.E. Mr. Hassabo Abdelrahman, Vice President of the Republic of Sudan.

The conference achieved great success, and all the milestones set in the beginning as expectations from the programme has been achieved. I believe that was remarkable experience in the memories of anyone who participated or attended the conference.

Prof. Dr. Amel Bakhiet, Chairwomen of the Conference

And of course, the big recognition goes to Prof. Dr. Amel Bakhiet, Chairwomen of the conference, the star behind the scenes who did a great job in strategically supporting all the conference operations.
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