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Nanjing incredible Youth Olympic Games

Nanjing Youth Olympic Games

You Can’t imagine how it’s amazing to be part of the Olympic Games. I attended the last Youth Olympic Games which held in Nanjing, China in august 2014. One of the greatest thing that the huge effort that has been made seven years organizing the games! Everything is tidy, neat and in its place.

The philosophy of the Olympic Games is to bring the people together. Through sport, cultural and education and values of learning and share. It’s such great thing to see the whole world living together, five continents, Delegations from 204 countries are coming to compete in the Olympiad. You are not always lucky to see different cultural backgrounds and intense participations of delegations which reach more than 600 activities. Chinese people are so kind, and we see how they work 24/7 all days to facilitate athletes and delegations lives. There were more than 20,000 volunteers for serving the Olympics. I’m impressed with that incredible level of serving, assistance, hospitality, security and all related services.

One of the new things was the Yogger!.. The Younger is a small wireless device allow you to exchange contacts information through touching similar Yogger, And because Olympic Games is also about cultural and education the Yogger will allow you to check-in at all cultural and expos and for more fun and exciting though this you will collect points and get rewarded each time with gifts for different amount of points levels you reach. And by connecting it to PC it also shows you events schedule, and give you statistics about the activities that you participated in, and the remaining events, places or expo you haven’t been to it yet.

Chinese people had succeeded and proved their capability in turning this ancient historical city by doing a comprehensive rehabilitation to turn it to a modern beautiful place where they can bring the world together. Yes, It’s magic, yes nothing is impossible.. This is the Olympic Games.

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